Soul Deep


  • Kiowa Bear (Coyote Breed)
  • Amanda Marion


Kiowa is one of the reviled Coyote Breeds; considered the most savage of all Breeds, ones with no conscience, morals, or soul. His life hasn’t been easy, being raised, if you can call it that, by a grandfather who made it clear he was an abomination forced on his mother; a true burden he was forced to care for.

Now Kiowa is doing a job for Dash Sinclair, watching over the president’s daughter, Amanda Marion, to make sure she isn’t taken in an attempt to force the vote on Breed Law to go against the Breeds. When her Secret Service detail fails to protect her, Kiowa is forced to step in. 

But when the passions between Kiowa and Amanda ignite, there is no putting out the flames!


Kiowas Verhangnis
Title: Kiowas Verhängnis

Publisher: LYX

Orig. Publication Date:

Language: German



  • ISBN-10: 3802595467
  • ISBN-13: 978-3802595462
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