Ordered by book publication date

Book Title Book # Male Female
Tempting the Beast 1 Callan Lyons Merinus Tyler
Jacob's Faith 2 Jacob Arlington Faith Chance
Wolfe's Hope

(in the "Primal Heat" anthology)

3 Wolfe Gunnar Hope Bainsmith
The Man Within 4 Taber Williams Veronica "Roni" Andrews
Kiss of Heat 5 Kane Tyler Sherra Callahan
Elizabeth's Wolf 6 Dash Sinclair Elizabeth Colder
Megan's Mark 7 Braden Arness Megan Fields
Harmony's Way 8 Lance Jacobs Harmony Lancaster
The Breed Next Door

(in the "Hot Spell" anthology)

9 Tarek Jordan Lyra Mason
Soul Deep 10 Kiowa Bear Amanda Marion
Tanner's Scheme 11 Tanner Reynolds Scheme Tallant
Aiden's Charity 12 Aiden Chance Charity Dunmore
In A Wolf's Embrace

(in the "Beyond the Dark" anthology)

13 Matthias Slaughter Grace Anderson
Dawn's Awakening 14 Seth Lawrence Dawn Daniels
A Jaguar's Kiss

(in the "Shifter" anthology)

15 Saban Broussard Natalie Ricci
Mercury's War 16 Mercury "Merc" Warrant Gloria "Ria" Rodriguez
Christmas Heat

(in "The Magical Christmas Cat" anthology)

17 Noble Chavin Haley McGuire
Coyote's Mate 18 Del-Rey Delgato Anya Korbin
Bengal's Heart 19 Cabal St. Laurents Cassa Hawkins
Christmas Kiss

(in the "Hot For The Holidays" anthology)

20 Hawke Esteban Jessica Raines
Lion's Heat 21 Jonas Wyatt Rachel Broen
Styx's Storm 22 Styx MacKenzie Storme Montague
Primal Kiss

(in the "Primal" anthology)

23 Creed Raines Kita Claire Engalls
Navarro's Promise 24 Navarro Blaine Mica Toler
An Inconvenient Mate

(in the "Tied With A Bow" anthology)

25 Malachi Morgan Isabelle Martinez
Lawe's Justice 26 Lawe Justice Diane Broen
Stygian's Honor 27 Stygian Black Honor Christine Roberts

(a.k.a. Liza Johnson)

The Devil's Due

(in the "Enthralled" anthology)

28 Devril "the Devil" Black Katie O'Sullivan
Rule Breaker 29 Rule Breaker Gypsy Rum McQuade
Bengal's Quest 30 Gideon Cross

(a.k.a. Graham Parker)

Catrina "Cat" Greymore

(a.k.a. Fawn Corrigan,

a.k.a. Claire Martinez)

Wake A Sleeping Tiger 31 Judd Cross

(a.k.a. Cullen Maverick)

Chelsea Martinez
Cross Breeds 32 Cainis (a.k.a. Cain, Dog) Cassandra "Cassie" Colder-Sinclair
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