Elizabeths Wolf


  • Dash Sinclair (Wolf Breed)
  • Elizabeth Colder


She brought him back from death and made him live again. Dash thought himself alone, a soldier, a fighting machine and no more. Elizabeth made him realize he was a man.

Danger surrounds the woman his soul marked as his mate, death and blood and a treachery that goes beyond even his worst nightmares. But he will protect her and what she claims as her own.

He was created to kill, trained to do it efficiently, and only a man bound to her, heart and soul, will have the strength to save Elizabeth and her prized possession.

He was a lone wolf. A man alone. No pack, no family, no one to call his own until one single, innocent letter awoke Elizabeth's wolf.


Dashs Bestimmung
Title: Dashs Bestimmung

Publisher: LYX

Original Publishing Date:

Language: German



  • ISBN-10: 3802590813
  • ISBN-13: 978-3802590818
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